A 26-year-old woman who was jumped by two men in broad daylight while walking in SoMa managed to escape her abductors in a New Year's Eve incident that ended after the two suspects led police officers on a bumper car chase through city, Bay City News reports. The suspects, Jesus Duran and Javier Perez (ages 28 and 27 respectively), jumped the victim near the corner of Seventh and Minna after asking her for directions. After being thrown in to their vehicle and having her laptop stolen, the woman managed to bail out of the vehicle a block away at Eighth Street.

While SFPD officers attempted to chase down the vehicle, the two suspects ran in to a man in a wheelchair and nearly ran over a cop before making off through the city. The chase finally ended, as these things always seem to do, when Duran crashed the vehicle in to a couple of parked cars in the Excelsior. Both suspects were promptly busted for suspicion of kidnapping, robbery, conspiracy and resisting and evading police. Duran also received a hit-and-run charge for his sloppy turn as the wheelman.

Someone inside one of the parked cars suffered minor injuries and the man in the wheelchair hurt his knee. No word on whether the woman, who we imagine is pretty shookup, got her laptop back yet.