Billed "Avoid the 8" by SFPD, police will check for lushes behind the wheel this New Year's Eve at 8th and Folsom Streets. It will begin at 8:30 p.m. and end around 3 a.m. "All of the police departments that serve this great city have banded together against the death, injury, expense and family harm that drunk or drugged drivers so often cause. We could not be more serious about getting these dangerous people off the road and making San Francisco safer," said traffic Capt. Al Casciato of the San Francisco Police Dept.

If you find your liver trying to filter too much rye or champagne on Saturday night/Sunday morning, remember that San Francisco is a great public transit town. Really. It is. You can ride Muni for free all night. Also, BART will remain open until 3 a.m.. And what about a cab? You can use Taxi Magic to find a one. And if you're especially fancy—and we sure ope you are!—we aggressively recommend luxury town car-finding service Uber. It's the most, to say the least.