Occupiers, political pundits, twitter humorists and TV talking heads have all been speculating on what the post-Occupy future holds for embattled Oakland mayor Jean Quan. While the general consensus seems to be "she blew it", there are some (goddess bless them) who seek a higher, cosmic purpose to their political analysis. Enter Oakland astrologist Djenne Ba, who has gone ahead and peered in to Quan's future by lining it up with like, stars and planets and elements and whatever. According to those celestial bodies, the bad stigma of this whole Occupy Oakland thing is going to follow Mayor Quan around for long time coming. It's all right here in the astrology charts, Oakland Local reports:

Quan is born on a new moon. Her chart reveals Mars and Pluto in the sign Leo in the eighth house in Scorpio. The indications are an elusive personality, an affinity towards power and stoicism and a compassionate and well-meaning person. Leo is the actor of the zodiac. Ba says there’s no doubt Quan will run for higher office. She wants to be known and is a social being.
OK, so Mayor Quan is probably going to seek a higher office. Very helpful insight, planets. But what about this Occupy thing? Is that going to stick around? Ba goes on:

Occupy Oakland’s chart and planetary placements are intimately interwoven into Quan’s planetary placements. That connection will follow her career for some time to come and will long be associated with the Occupy movement for unfavorable reasons.

Sure, any one who briefly looked at a newspaper headline anytime in November has probably reached the same conclusion at this point, but this analysis is one backed by an actual "metaphysical lecturer". (Sidenote: we think she means she lectures on the topic of metaphysics, not that she herself is a metaphysical being delivering lectures. We could be wrong though. Hard to say.)

Anyhow, there you have it: cosmic proof that Jean Quan totally blew it in Oakland.