As many of you know, we here at the ists love a good meme. And for the past couple of weeks the webs have been ablaze with video variations all stemming from "S**t Girls Say," a clever and mercifully short video by Toronto-based comedy duo Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard. Not all the variations on the theme — collections of phrases, mannerisms, and commonly heard complaints attributable to a particular group — have been as clever or brief, but some have won us over. Because what is America if not a place where we can all laugh uproariously at what clichés we all are?

Oh, right... they're Canadian. Whatever.

We'll begin with Episode 2 of "Shit Girls Say," which was released four days after the first (it has a mere 2.1 million hits at present, compared to the 6 million+ of the first video), which makes up for its lack of Juliette Lewis with Mojito and hummus references.

Next we have our personal favorite, which we linked to last week: "Shit Gay Guys Say" by L.A.-based performer (and occasional Logo TV personality and 30 Rock guest star) Jeffery Self. There are lots of gems in here, but easily the one we've heard the most in real life is "He's definitely gay. I had a friend who dated him before he was famous."

Now there's a variation on that variation, "Shit Southern Gay Guys Say," by Wade Martin Murphy.

Next, we bring you "Shit Black Girls Say," by comedian Billy Sorrells. "Oooh, Basketball Wives is on!"

Now this one, by Tori Lord, takes the drag thing to heart, like the original. We've got Ms. Lord as a drag king doing "Shit Guys Say," and doing a lot of crotch grabbing. We think there's something inherently funnier about the girl and gay guy clichés, but maybe we're just sexist.

Arguably more accurate would be this, "Shit Dudes Say," by Jay Green.

But perhaps even more accurate than that as far as the dudes are concerned would be this 2007 Budweiser ad, which has just been getting some fresh airplay after a quick-fingered social media coordinator at Anheuser-Busch figured out they just had to call it "Shit Boys Say" and it would get watched a lot.

We look forward to a few more of these videos popping up before the meme dies its fast death. Because nothing really lives longer than two weeks on the internet.