Gavin Newsom has finally found a quaint new suburban home to call his own, the Chronicle's Leah Garchik reports today. The new house, in the overwhelmingly caucasian town of Kentfield, California, is the Siebel-Newsom clan's first private dwelling since the city's favorite hair model sold his Ashbury Heights home back in June to move in with the in-laws. Kentfield is just a stone's throw from the grandparents in Ross, and after rolling up the driveway of their recently purchased abode, the Siebel-Newsoms reportedly gushed, "Wow, this is it."

No word yet on what this Kentfield stunner looks like, probably to avoid any more poo incidents, but the couple chose buying in Marin over renting in the Presidio. (Which, admittedly, is a dreaded last-ditch effort for many a San Francisco renter.)

While we can't speak for all 6,500 of Gavin's new neighbors in Kentfield, but there ought to be at least a few the former mayor can get along with in the area: In addition to being approximately 91% white, according to last year's census, the town has 25 same-sex married couples or partnerships. Bring out the welcome wagon!

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