While recent anecdotal evidence suggests a generally positive mood in Candlestick Park after the season got off to a rather rocky start for the gameday attendees, it's always good to check the stadium's temperature with a look at the Police reports. Sunday's report: seven total arrested in three separate incidents. By the numbers, that's lower than the average 11-12 arrests per game, but several of those arrested were known criminals and gang members.

First up, two active Norteño gang members were busted for beating down on a third victim in Section 42 (upper deck). One of the suspects fell on a cop during the brawl. The two Norteños were booked on aggravated assault, resisting arrest and gang enhancements.

Later, around 4:30 p.m. near Gate F, an off-duty cop from Watsonville spotted a suspect wanted on an outstanding warrant in Santa Cruz County. Local cops collared the suspect as he "kicked and spit" his way out of the parking lot, before confirming he had a $25,000 warrant out for his arrest. Two friends of the suspect who tried to defend him were also arrested. The suspect from Santa Cruz went to jail, and the two friends were cited and released.

Finally, in the most innocuous arrests of the game: two "heavily inebriated" fans in Section 6 were also busted earlier in the game around for swearing and verbal abuse. One of them kicked a bystander while getting handcuffed. The bystander was fine, but probably thought the drunk guy was a jerk.

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