After Willie's anointed candidate was properly secured in his seat in Room 200, Willie Brown wasted no time calling for retribution from rival campaigns. While downplaying his involvement with Ed Lee's election on KQED, to the radio audience that Dennis Herrera's attacks on the Ed Lee campaign represent a conflict of interest for the City Attorney. If this had been Willie Brown's San Francisco (which, it kind of still might be?), Herrera would have been forced to resign as City Attorney before pulling papers to run for Mayor.

In the same interview, Da Mayor addressed accusations of his own conflicts of interest with his newspaper column. He was addressing Matt Smith's column in The Bay Citizen about how the former mayor's Chronicle column is used to promote his political clients. Willie continues to maintain that he's not a reporter, you know... except for that one time when he said "I am a reporter". Unfortunately, Willie Brown continues to ignore our own accusations of sandwich fraud.

In Occupy SF news, even before Willie Brown paid a visit to the camp, he was paying visits to Boulevard around the corner from Justin Herman Plaza, where he discovered the Occupiers have been swooping in under the cover of darkness to use the restaurant's outdoor tap to fill up jugs of water. This is a travesty in Da Mayor's book because there is a very strong chance that is the very same water Boulevard bartenders use to steam the milk for his post-lunch cappuccino.

In other steal-from-the-rich/Occupy SF news, Willie Brown is absolutely certain that, on Halloween Occupiers left their camp to go all the way across town to steal candy from the lavish spread put out by "the 1 percent up on Presidio Terrace." The Gettys, being the obvious trendsetters, were the first to turn off their porch lights and rescind their treats.

With no candidates to endorse at the moment, Willie returned his attention to endorsing fast food franchises. This time it's The Melt - the speedy grilled cheese and soup store that's going to be everywhere soon. Willie calls it "the fast food version of Apple."

If you were ever hoping to catch Willie out at dinner, he helpfully posted his usual weekly routine on Inside Scoop this week: Sundays at House of Prime Rib, Friday lunch at Le Central, Monday night ribs at Hillstone, Tuesday's at Waterbar, etc. But the man is spontaneous too — he wants us all to know he had the fish at House of Prime Rib. Which was a apparently compromise between Willie and his son the "semi-vegetarian".

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