Let's start off by stating the obvious: you should never drug your pets. Seriously, don't. It's mean, it could harm or kill your little best buddy, and you could wind up in the lower rungs of Hell for living such a cruel life. That said, this video showing a cat high on Adderall (an ADHD drug) is zany in a sad, poor-little-fella way. According to YouTube user kclatube, here's what happened: "Cat ate my boyfriend's adderall pill. Rushing him to the vet in this video. Don't worry, he lived!"

Whew. We're glad he made it through such a trip.

Also, did you know that others have accidentally given their felines friends a peppy dose of Adderall? At least according to several Yahoo Answers questions. Most of the (frantic) responses suggested going to the vet immediately or induce vomiting.

In order to find out more, SFist asked our local SPCA what one should do if their feline swallowed an upper. The SF SPCA explained: "We just had a case of a cat swallowing a sudafed, which is also an upper of sorts. He was fine. But of this happens to you, watch watch your cat, see how he's doing and if he's getting hyper. Be sure to check his eating or drinking, if he's throwing up or having diarrhea. Most important, give him some normal food so the pill won't be the only thing in his stomach."

To to err on the side of caution, however, you should take your zippy little fluff puff to the nearest vet just in case.