Employing "reclaimed" gobbledygook as a selling point, Starbucks wants to put another damn spore in the Castro, a few blocks away from the bear-frequented Starbucks at 18th and Castro. With takeover plans zeroed in at 2201 Market (at 15th Street), here's what the coffee mammoth would like to do: "The design vision for this unique 'diamond-in-the-rough' building includes creating an open, warm and welcoming experience that reflects the character and history of the surrounding neighborhood. The store would be built using eco-conscious building practices and materials to minimize the impact on the environment."

Good grief.

They also want to use "locally-sourced wood for the bar and community tables" (they can get some wood across the street at Beck's Motor Lodge! HaHA!), feature "custom artwork celebrating the history and culture of the surrounding neighborhood" (read: boring 1970s/Harvey Milk-themed dreck), and create an "exterior patio space and large windows to connect and integrate the building into the streetscape" (which is to say, they're gunning for Cafe Flore's loyal business.)

That said, we would totally stop in there for iced espresso and those Rice Krispie-esque treats. Those are really good. Alas.

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