With BART fares scheduled to go up next July, the transit agency is mulling over a couple new proposals that could help take the sting out of local riders' Clipper Card balances. Among the possible new perks BART board President Bob Franklin detailed to the Examiner: Allowing for free rides after a rider racks up 40 trips in a month, 15% discounts for Clipper Card users and increasing the youth discount age to 17.

To offset the millions in revenue that could potentially be lost with such a lofty BART rider rewards program, another proposal to bump up peak time fares by 15% was tossed around. Although Franklin told the Examiner that proposal wasn't really a serious consideration. (Which: Well done, BART Board. Way to look out for your commuter base.)

Speaking of good ideas being tossed around the BART offices, apparently some parents never taught their kids to fear and respect the escalators. The transit agency is also considering some new signage to highlight proper escalator etiquette: namely the part where the slow movers and the tourists fumbling with their fanny packs should remain politely aside to the right while the commuters and the pumpkin-spice-latte-fueled types can motor on in the passing lane on the left.

At least one BART official expressed concern for the increased wear and tear on the left sides of escalators, should the agency encourage the passing lane practice, but first things first here: BART chief Grace Crunican has said her agency is currently working to improve the reliability of the "chronically broken-down" people movers.

The BART team will continue to mull all these proposals along with GM Crunican when they head out to Walnut Creek (on BART?) for a staff retreat this weekend.