Don Harbison, owner of B Restaurant and Bar (with locations in SF and Oakland), sent SFist a list of Oakland companies taking part in today's general strike by going cash-only and eschewing credit cards. Air Lounge, Caffe 817, Ratto's, OB's, Pacific Coast Brewing Company (decided to close today), Quickly's, Coobi, Cosecha Cafe, Liege, Marketing Kings, Lucky Barbershop, Ajuda Day Spa, The Trappist, Tamarindo, and La Calle are all going cash-only for today to show support for Occupy Oakland and today's general strike.

The economy has hit most of these businesses hard in one way or another. Harbison goes on to tell SFist, "The message is pretty clear. I just don't know if the sincerity and levity can be felt. We have really been affected and it is so hard to look at my guys and keep sending them home with cut hours knowing they have families to provide for."

For what it's worth, we highly recommend B Restaurant and Bar. We frequent the Yerba Buena locations on a fairly regular basis. Good food, big drinks. Anyway.

If you know of any other cash-only businesses we missed today, please let us know in the comments. Thanks.