SFist takes its popular Twentysomething interviewing feature to your top (sane) San Francisco mayoral candidates. Everyone from Ed Lee to Joanna Rees to Bevan Dufty to David Chiu will get a chance. We promise. Kicking things off is Michela Alioto-Pier. She served on the Board of Supervisors representing District 2, encompassing the Marina and Pacific Heights neighborhoods. Before that, Alioto-Pieer served as a member of the San Francisco Port Commission.

1. Introduce yourself in one sentence
I'm a San Francisco native, a mom and a former Supervisor who wants to improve our schools, create jobs and improve the city's quality of life.

2. Zodiac sign

3. Hometown
San Francisco

4. How many years in SF or Bay Area
All my life

5. Favorite SF neighborhood
San Francisco

6. Berkeley or Oakland

7. Neighborhood you call home
Cow Hollow

8. How much do you pay in rent/mortgage

9. What was your first job
Working against the recall of Mayor Feinstein

10. Best sandwich
Po Boy from Freddie's Sandwich on Francisco

11. Great Quake or Loma Prieta
Great Quake

12. Favorite MUNI line
22 Filmore

13. Favorite politician of past or present (you can only pick one)
Al Gore

14. Best TV show of past or present (you can only pick one)

15. Favorite bridge
Golden Gate

16. Best restaurant
Alioto's for crab

17. SF would be soooo much better if only
We had a mayor with a serious plan to create jobs.

18. SF has the greatest
Food and wine

19. Redheads, y/n

20. Question you'd ask if you were doing this interview:
World Series or Superbowl?