Shaun O'Kelly, 27, who goes by the nickname "Cracker" for reasons SFist has not yet learned, has spent the past four days sleeping on a five-foot-wide ledge on a wall outside San Jose's City Hall. O'Kelly moved there early Monday morning as San Jose police were raiding the Occupy San Jose encampment at City Hall Plaza. The rest of the stalwart campers — currently numbering four tents, as of last night — moved themselves across the street from the plaza, where police have been guarding it since Monday.

O'Kelly, therefore, is the only one still holding his ground on City property, and food is being sent up to him regularly by other campers. Also, as the Tribune reports, he's "taken care of his human needs by sending his waste down in garbage bags." Nice. Wonder which of his friends (or which city worker) is on poop duty. Too bad they can't send up a shower!

O'Kelly says he'll only come down if Mayor Chuck Reed and City Manager Deb Figone agree to meet with him. We're sure, if and when that meeting happens, that some serious negotiations about the practices of Wall Street and the national financial markets are bound to take place. In any event, we'd be curious to hear his demands, and also curious if he'd descend the wall to join a combined, Bay Area-wide occupation outside S.F.'s City Hall next week, or if he thinks San Jose is still where it's at.

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