Because not every man's penis can be above average in size, ZooGue presents the double iPad case, a case that holds two iPads for maximum tragedy. Who needs it? Nobody. Nobody needs two iPads next to each other whilst en route or lounging at a cafe. Who will want it? Oh, you know who. You know exactly who wants it. That guy wants it.

Did someone order the swagger? Because TechCrunch jives, "Made by a small case manufacturer, ZooGue, the double iPad case is launching tomorrow and should be the toast of the country club come Monday. After all, you can’t GTL if you’re not connected to your homies back at the home office on your two red-hot iPads!"

We hear that, sister.

It costs $249 plus shipping and some if not all of your soul and human decency. If you must, check out this video for the double iPad case... and then head down to Justin Herman Plaza or Frank H. Ogawa Plaza for immediate absolution, you louse.