Amongst the estimated 1,000 people who showed up outside the W yesterday to protest/holler at President Obama was prominent local Democratic fundraiser Susie Tompkins Buell. A good friend and major campaign supporter of Hillary Clinton, Tompkins Buell has had it up to here with Barack! And she's not going to take it anymore! Rather than lend her money in support of his fundraiser yesterday, as the Chron reports, she was outside with demonstrators waving signs that said STOP KEYSTONE XL, referring to an oil pipeline project from Alberta Canada to Texas that is now her pet project.

""I think this is a huge issue about our future, about the planet, not just America. And [the President] needs to be a leader ... to have the awareness of it. To fight for it," says Tompkins Buell. Guess she won't be hosting any dinners for him with her rich friends unless he gets smart to this pipeline?

We bet she'd be more on board with his re-election if he picked Hillary as a running mate!