WildRescue put up a $5,000 reward for information leading up to an arrest and conviction for the person(s) responsible for shooting a red-tail hawk with a nail gun. "Animal rescuers are trying to capture a wild, red-tailed hawk loose in Golden Gate Park that may have been shot with a nail gun, reports the Chronicle. "Rescuers will set two traps in the park and hope they can safely secure the bird and take it to veterinarian, said Rebecca Dmytryk, director of WildRescue, a Monterey-based animal ambulance."

According to WildRescue, the nail hurt the little fella pretty severely. "The framing nail [went] through the bird's skull. The bird is VERY alert and still flighted. They will be using a bal-chatri to trap the raptor."


Tips and info about the shooting can be directed to WildRescue at 831-429-2323 or [email protected]