Say what you will about the Occupy movement and the idea of "collective meditation," but considering there were reports of violence at last night's protest here in San Francisco, some positive vibes never hurt anything, right?

Tomorrow night, a public meditation event, entitled Revive Ethics in Business, which is in conjunction with a world-wide meditation event that took place over the weekend -- including in Oakland -- will take place in Union Square.

Meditation and mindful practitioners from all traditions and backgrounds are invited to participate in the meditation "to help ensure the collective energy from the movement remains channeled in a positive direction."

Those who have never meditated are also encouraged to attend and are welcome to sit or stand quietly in solidarity. Here's a great tip SFist learned in a meditation workshop: If you can't keep your mind quiet, just label whatever thoughts pop into your head with the word "thinking", and imagine them floating out of your consciousness on a post-it note. (So, often times, our meditation efforts consist of thinking the word "thinking" over and over again.)

The organizers stress that the event will only be taking place in Union Square and that there will be no marching outside of the area, as stated by SF Rec & Park's permit guidelines.

Tuesday, Oct 18th
Union Square, Geary and Powell
5:30 to 6:30 p.m.