Yesterday afternoon a group of "about six dozen" protesters gathered in downtown Richmond, California to add their voices to the cacophony of Occupy Wall Street protests. For about an hour yesterday, residents, activists and at least one city council member grabbed the microphone to air out their gripes with corporate America, with the focus of their rage turning to Chevron, whose corporate headquarters are located in Richmond. KTVU reports:

Occupy Richmond organizer Bryan Drayton, owner of nonprofit bicycle organization Richmond Spokes, said today's rally in downtown Richmond -- which could last through Saturday if attendees decide to camp out -- is meant to give Richmond residents a platform to vent their frustrations and discuss constructive plans for the community.

One protester lashed out at that "gold digger" Sallie Mae, while another expressed anger that the city, and its schools in particular, don't see any money from the Chevron corporate offices. Richmond mayor Gayle McLaughlin also threw her weight behind the Occupy movement, telling the press, "We've been working to stand against corporate domination, which is why myself and a couple other council members won our elections without taking one penny of corporate donations."

In other news, Occupy Richmond apparently isn't big on the social media (The California Richmond, anyway). We found exactly one tweet about the event. Still, Occupy Richmond could last the weekend and it sounds like Richmond PD has been very accommodating with the police escorts and allowing protesters to camp out if they feel so inclined.

Footnote: If you're having a hard time keeping up with all these Occupied cities, Mother Jones has put together a handy interactive map.

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