Folks involved in the rapidly-growing Occupy SF and Occupy Wall Street movements will converge on the Palace Hotel today. Why? Well, nothing to do with the hotel itself, that's for sure. (The Palace is simply too gorgeous for ire.) Because Florida Governor Jeb Bush and media ghoul Rupert Murdoch will fly over on their brooms to take part in the Foundation for Excellence in Education conference, a nonprofit headed by Bush.

While the foundation's vague agenda claims it's all for "higher standards, "data-driven accountability," and "effective teaching," Occupy SF plan to protest their "the selling of public education." (One session at the conference, as we pointed out on Wednesday, is titled “Don’t Let a Financial Crisis Go To Waste.")

Occupy SF meets today from 4pm - 6pm at the the Palace Hotel, 2 New Montgomery (at Market).

[via SFGate]