Parents beware! Your teens have found a devilish new way of smuggling vodka on their person so that they can get drunk in math class! Leave it to the local news of the Central Coast to sound the alarm bells that teenagers have caught on to the fact that gummy bears, when soaked for a while in a vodka bath, absorb quite significant amounts of alcohol, which can then be ingested on the sly. Because everyone knows how awesome it is to be wasted in the middle of a school day!

First, a tutorial, because this looks kind of fun -- so long as you're of age, naturally. These two drunk college chicks teach us the basics:

And here, see the terrible warning from the news. Sidenote: San Benito County applied for a $1.3 million federal grant to deal with their underage drinking problem. Because apparently the teens are really drunk there, a lot.

[via Eater National]