After finally getting to the bottom of what Occupy Wall Street wants last week, Keith Olbermann turned his attention to the movement's expansion to San Francisco's Financial District last night. To lend some color to the via-satellite bit, Olbermann brought in mayoral hopeful and District 11 Supervisor John Avalos, who has been doing a great job riding the coattails of Occupy SF, to act as the movement's telegenic mouthpiece.

We think Avalos might be taking a little too much credit here when he explains to Olbermann that, "the movement largely exists without my participation, but I have been asked to come and speak." Because, actually it would still completely exist without his participation. But the D11 supe does give a nice local perspective on the Occupy movement as it affects San Francisco (or at least those in his district.)

The rest of the three minute clip, including a plug for his campaign plan to create a local, municipal bank, is below:

[Hat tip to the Chronicle for spotting the footage, even if it was incorrectly reported as a clip from MSNBC, where Olbermann ended his contract in January.]