There's nothing like waking up slightly hungover from a friend's mid-week birthday, your eyes oddly sticky and glossed over — what's this? You left your contacts in. Gross — to sit by the window drinking a sports beverage and watch the rain pour down. All those poor people who have to move around out there in it. So sorry for them. But you're not there. You're dry, and relatively cozy save for this headache. And then ... tap ... t-tap tap ... your window being pelted with frozen peas. HAIL! When was the last time it hailed? Oh, right, sometime last winter, but still it's always a little disturbing. Solid things should not fall from the sky. Those poor people out there, they are even less happy now. Taking shelter under awnings. The more skittish drivers have just pulled over to wait it out. You start the coffee, call in sick. There's now a river on Market Street. So this is what they meant by 'storm.'