Controversy erupted during our Pick San Francisco's Best Bar poll. Union Square's Jasper's questionably pulled ahead in the high-end bar category during the last hours. Like, literally, within the poll's last few hours. Which is to say, we smell PR rat. Or some sort of rat. Nevertheless, they are hereby disqualified. (If you can't trust an unscientific poll on a wildly popular blog, what can you trust!?) Jasper's is a fantastic place and we cannot recommend it enough, but it just open. Their fan base simply is not yet that large. Nice try.

And with that, we present to you our two actual winners form which to select: Smuggler's Cove (650 Gough) and Zeitgeist (199 Valencia). One is in Hayes Valley and boasts three levels of Jolly Rogers-esque interior while offering exotic artisan drinks. The other has a biergarten and doles out frothy beer and burgers by the boatload. Both are perfect for pirates. Choose wisely.

Honorable mentions: Bourbon and Branch, Comstock, 500 Club and Lucky 13 trailed closely behind the aforementioned nominees. Our personal favorites? Comstock and Specs. Period. We're going through some sort of North Beach phase, it seems, but SFist recommends both bars for almost any occasion that calls for drunken merriment. Always a good time, close to public transit, and, best of all, stocked with a well mixed crowd.)

Poll closes at 3 p.m. on Friday.