Conservative talk radio host and general bag of wind Glenn Beck is not happy with our local denim maker's revolutionary new ad campaign. For Beck, the latest Levi's "Go Forth" TV spot, which features images of denim-clad youth engaging in riots (and also closeups of their butts), is leaning way to far to the left for his taste.

On his radio show this week Beck called the Americana brand's latest ad, which aired during Monday Night Football (natch), "shocking" in the way it is "glorifying revolution." Although he claims he wore a pair of Levi's "just last weekend", Beck seems appalled to learn that the longtime symbol of the American working class would turn their back on their heritage and "use global revolutions and progressivism to sell their products." Mr. Beck did not mention how he felt about the ad campaign glorifying the company's army of butt models.

Meanwhile, Levi's doesn't seemed too concerned about Beck's boycott, since progressivism, "youthful optimism" and "hopefulness for a better tomorrow" were exactly the themes they were going for. And besides that, the "riot" images were shot during a government-sanctioned event in Germany.

For what it's worth, Beck did clarify his stance: he's not calling for a full-on boycott so much as he's just having trouble fitting in to his pants. Still, his move to retire his no doubt well-worn red tabs has rallied the Beckians. In the comment section of Beck's blog post on the subject, they've already vowed to switch to Wranglers. A company that hasn't sewn a pair of jeans in America since 2005.

Anyhow, here's the revolutionary, callipygian new TV spot: