In a recent bit of linkbait study from, San Francisco was named among the Top 20 Cities in America with the Happiest Young Professionals. In the study, which was conducted by job happiness website, young professionals around the country, "were asked to rate eight factors that affect workplace happiness", which were then averaged in to one happiness score for each city.

It's all very scientific, obviously, which is why the hivemind of Microsoft drones made Redmond, Washington the #1 place for Young Professionals while San Francisco flops around at #14. But we needn't worry about San Francisco's talented young workforce leaving for the great white hype to the North just yet: Seattle proper is not a happy place for young professionals, apparently - it didn't even make the list.

The rest of the happiest young workforces in America:
20. Philadelphia, PA
19. Los Angeles, CA
18. (Tie) Pittsburgh, PA; Atlanta, GA
17. Irvine, CA
16. Brooklyn, NY
15. Richmond, VA
14. San Francisco
13. Chicago, IL
12. Bronx, NY
11. Dallas, TX
10. Minneapolis, MN
9. Long Beach, CA
8. Boston, MA
7. Sacramento, CA
6. Detroit, MI
5. Cambridge, MA
4. Charlotte, NC
3. Orlando, FL
2. Fort Lauderdale, FL
1. Redmond, WA