True to form, when the New York Times decides to devote column space to Burning Man, it has to be a style piece focusing on a pair of well-off designers from L.A. who dumped at least $25K into fixing up an Airstream in "luxe-nomadic" "Moorish splendor."

Please behold this slideshow, and take pleasure in knowing that all that lovely Corian counter space and those pretty Persian lanterns are completely dusted over by now with dust, because these two have never been to Burning Man before and likely will leave a window cracked during a dust storm, or leave the door open too long.


NYT: So the design elements are meant to evoke nomadic cultures, as opposed to “We got this couch because the fabric is durable and we’re going to be tromping around in muddy boots”?

Designer Rachel Horn: Actually, I have one bucket outside for muddy boots, and one bucket that you rinse your feet in before you come in. So yes, nomadic is about bringing in all the different cultures that were at some point or another, or still are, nomadic. But it isn’t really built to withstand a serious nomadic living situation. It’s luxe-nomadic.