So, after multiple community meetings and sub-committee meetings which SFist did not exactly make it to, the first-draft plan to renovate Dolores Park has been unveiled, with what Dolores Park Works describes as a favorable reception. Among the things that certain persuasive citizens were able to strong-arm into the plan by showing up to meetings and being consistently vocal, are a large youth soccer field abutting Hipster Hill -- which will be closed from 3 to 6 pm (daily?) for soccer games and which will require the largest amount of maintenance -- and (get this) a bicycle polo court/flex hard-surface court, which at least one vociferous individual contends will be "much in demand" by the bike polo community.

Of grave concern to the gays and child-haters out there: the already under-construction playground, which originally had appeared to leave the gay beach/fruit shelf intact, has been revealed in recent weeks to cut into the eastern half of the shelf, marking a further encroachment by the child-owning on the mostly non-child-owning gay population.

Regarding the encroachment by youth soccer leagues on Tallboy Terrace and the proposed 12-foot-wide road wrapping around it, Uptown Almanac rightly points out that the young-n-drunk population probably isn't going to be so easily moved to make way for families with strollers.

There will, however, be two new bathrooms at two corners of the park, and there is still debate about what to do with the existing clubhouse/bathroom structure -- with some arguing, we think idiotically, to turn it into a "museum" dedicated to the history of the park, which absolutely no one will go to, ever.

Also, the old 19th Street Muni stop, better known these days as an open-air urinal, will be bulldozed and sodded over. There's another meeting, in case you care to go argue over further details, on September 29.