Berkeley police were called to the scene on Saturday when a motley assortment of Berkeley residents gathered for a 40th anniversary of Chez Panisse at the Cheese Board Collective next door.

At 10pm, local officials were brought in to break up “a live loud band” and “hundreds of people in the street”, who had gathered for Alice's free birthday pizza next door. Authorities also noted that “many members of the celebration were drinking alcohol.” Berkeley’s quiet hours begin at 10 sharp, and it is understood that local residents were peevish on account of having to get up early for work and drive their children to Montessori schools.

No official statement from Chez Panisse though one attendee alarms us:

“people were gently dancing and smiling on each other with a sense of community pervasive in the evening air. This was as wholesome as it gets.”

Berkeley police, keep up the good work. Alice Waters, you should be ashamed.