San Francisco is currently serving as a temporary refuge to some much desired East Coast chihuahuas. Arguably the cutest victims of the Hurricane Irene flight delays, Virgin America has launched “Operation Chihuahua” to get the pups back to warm homes.

Apparently this is a regular thing, as we here on the West Coast have more chihuahuas than we know what to do with, and well, the East Coast is full of eager adopters. And not being privy to special treatment, just like the rest of SFO, the prized pets are currently on stand-by.

If you’re concerned about this (and who isn’t?), Virgin America has now launched “No Chihuahua Left Behind” -- $25 of certain flight bookings going to support local dogs on future cross country migrations. But if you’re extra, EXTRA concerned about this, adopt one of the dogs -- we kid you not -- for half off the regular asking price.