The most popular story on the 'Gate right now? That would be Matier and Ross's column about the wheelchair ramp to the Board President's chair, currently being constructed in the Board of Supervisors chamber, whose total cost looks to be topping out at about $700,000 after design and construction. It's kind of a symbolic ramp, is the thing, with Chiu -- who doesn't require a wheelchair -- defending the project by saying "San Francisco has been at the forefront of access issues, and it's important the board reflect that." John Avalos was the only supervisor to vote against the project, which, because of issues surrounding the historic room, etc., was originally estimated to cost $1 million. [Update: Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, who is paraplegic, threatened to sue over this ramp back in '08, when the Board initially rejected the $1.1 million price tag.]

"This is a tremendous amount of money being spent on something in City Hall that rarely or may never even get used," Avalos said.

The project is set to take 10 weeks to complete, and the Board will be spending $50,000 on relocating their meetings when they're back in session.

Needless to say, the commenters are rip-roarin mad. Example: "Do liberals simply have no sense of much money they are wasting? I mean do they balance their own checkbooks? In what world is this not complete disaster of execution? What a bunch of useless losers."

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