Noted French Laundry chef Thomas Keller's philosophy goes something like this, "To make people happy...that’s what cooking is all about." Which is why, in part, he now has his own brand of gluten-free flour on the market. You see, gluten allergies are not the restless leg syndrome of the food world. Nope. They're actually real. And a gluten-free diet can help save the lives and taste buds of those who suffer from maladies like celiac disease. Keller's new flour, Cup4Cup, will be a blessing for those who eschew gluten, and can be found at Williams-Sonoma stores for a whopping $20 a 3-pound bag.

After reviewing the new flour, The New York Times' Florence Fabricant said that "[i]t works very well, though the cake textures were more delicate than usual." Which, what? The cake was crumbly or loose, is what she probably meant to write. (Delicate? Food writers. Oy.)

Cup4Cup us made up of cornstarch, white rice flour, brown rice flour, milk powder, tapioca flour, potato starch, xanthan gum. It's billed as a "custom-blended flour" that will "make it easy to prepare your favorite gluten-free treats at home."

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