Local curmudgeon columnist C.W. Nevius weighs in on the recent BART protests today, and and it should come as no surprise to anyone who's ever read him that he finds all these shenanigans annoying and stupid. He has beef with the protesters themselves for their muddied message ("First their complaint was about BART police, and then it was outrage about cutting cell phone coverage. But protesters' main target has become a bunch of weary commuters who just want to go home."), and he has beef with the local media for continuing to cover what he sees as a fizzling cause.

While that sets the stage for the Monday news cycle, it is also time those of us in the media had a little talk with ourselves. We need to cover events, but when there are clearly as many reporters and cameras as protesters on the station platform, we need to say so.

He cites various numbers, calling reports of 200 protesters this past Monday "generous," and thinks we all need to stop encouraging these hooligans from disrupting the lives of innocent commuters all in the name of the killing of an allegedly innocent man with a couple of knives. Obviously, he supports BART's decision to close stations as a means of keeping trains running on time. To the threat of ongoing Monday protests he says simply, "Good luck with that."

We'll see if Anonymous can dig up any nude photos of Nevius now.