During Monday night's (now regularly occurring) protest/party at the BART Civic Center station, at least 40 people were pinched by the fuzz during the melee. What initially started out as a rally to decry to SFPD shooting death of Charles Hill on July 3, and then a protest to blast BART for censoring cell phone service, has now turned into a comparatively festive recurring "BART Mondays" at Civic Center.

Both the Civic Center and Powell stations were temporarily closed last night. According to Bay City News (via SF Appeal), here's what went down last night.

Two people were arrested shortly after the protest began after disobeying dispersal orders, [San Francisco police Officer Albie] Esparza said.

At Fourth and Market streets one person was arrested on suspicion of igniting a flammable substance and when demonstrators marched to the first block of Grove Street, at least 35 others were arrested, Esparza said.

All protesters were arrested on suspicion of failing to disperse upon command of a traffic officer and pedestrian in the roadway, Esparza said.

Yet another BART protest is planned for next Monday.