In crazy-guy-on-the-bus news, Aaron Peskin--former Board of Supervisors President and scribe of a 37-page letter to the Ethics Commission claiming shenanigans in Progress for All’s Ed Lee mayoral campaign--gave an interview to The Epoch Times recently. He claims that, among other things, Rose Pak and THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA are corrupting the election in San Francisco.

“There are … individuals, but behind those individuals are actually entities that are more powerful than those individuals,” he said on Aug. 11.

“It is really about political influence and how political influence works—and that even includes working with and representing the interest of an outside government in San Francisco,” he continued.

I am happy to name those names. They include the People’s Republic of China.”

We don't know how to respond to such fascinating allegations other than to say: Gong Li would make a fabulous First Lady.

Next up, Peskin will talk about the radio transmitters implanted on your eyelashes. We kid! Sort of. Anyway, Peskin goes on to point out that, as de facto head of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Pak has "been able to work with people to get undue influence in gaining city contracts, [and] in gaining land use approvals to build new buildings in San Francisco."

He also claims that she's "abusive," "very nasty," and "makes some people scared."