Last night, the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee voted on their party's official endorsements for November's local elections and judging by the results, the DCCC wants to put some fresh meat in the seats in the offices of Mayor and District Attorney. The club voted to name the great progressive hope, John Avalos as their #1 pick for Mayor of San Francisco. Dennis Herrera, the man with the Muni plan, follows at the club's suggestion for your #2 vote in the upcoming ranked-choice election. In a snub against any one of the other Dems in the race, the DCCC declined to pick a third-choice candidate.

The obvious slap in the face here is probably striking incumbent Mayor Ed Lee this morning, but the missing nod for David Chiu's mayoral campaign has to sting a little as well.
The D3 supe and Board president also sits on the DCCC. Likewise, Leland Yee didn't get any love and it turns out independent venturecrat Joanna Rees couldn't buy her way in by sponsoring the club's big Unity Luncheon back in June. But she probably should have known she needed to be a registered democrat to get any love in the club.

Meanwhile, in the District Attorney's race, the DCCC went with David Onek, followed by Sharmin Bock as their backup. It'a another snub for appointed-incumbent George Gascón, but then again he wasn't a Democrat until after Newsom appointed him DA.