NBC is famous for making some of the worst reality TV shows, ever. (Really, [inset name of NBC reality TV show mercifully canceled]?) Which is why we refused to watch The Voice even though scores of friends promise us a pleasurable viewing experience. (Those same people also loved the abominable and offensive Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.) Besides, we can no longer watch Christina Aguilara in anything else after she flew too high, too close to the sun with Burlesque. Where does one go after discussing air rights with Cher? Down, that's where.

However, some of you seem to enjoy it so should tell you that auditions for season No. 2 will be held Tuesday, August 23, at the South San Francisco Conference Center (255 South Airport Boulevard) in South San Francisco. According to SFGate, "All would-be contestants must register online here. Once you've registered, you'll be given an audition time."

You must be at least 16 and a U.S. citizen. Huh.