While BART gets torn to shreds as of late, let's redirect the unbridled hate where it belongs: on Muni. And because we almost feel bad about ribbing Dennis Herrera about his Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence coincidence earlier this week, we shall offer him and his perturbed crew a proper shout-out. Without commentary, here are his points to fix Muni. (Side note: Calm down. This is hardly an endorsement. If any other candidate blasts us with an email boasting bullet points on how they too plan on fixing Muni one elected, we'll gladly post them as well. Right-quick. It's fascinating stuff, you see.)

They are:

1. Increase Accountability. MUNI must be held accountable for the way they choose to spend our Prop G dollars. As Mayor, I will advocate for a strong Muni chief who has the ability and the vision to ensure that Muni is using our tax dollars appropriately.

2. Implement the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP). In 2008, the City commissioned the TEP to review what can be done to make the system faster, more reliable and more efficient. As Mayor, I'll cut through the red tape preventing implementation of the TEP and get it back on track.

3. Fix Our Funding Problems. Muni must prove that it is being responsible with the taxpayers' dollars that it already has. At the same time, the City must provide Muni with the funding it needs to succeed.

4. Increase Ridership. We can increase the number of residents who invest in Muni by implementing long term solutions like Bus Rapid Transit, bus priority at stoplights, real time schedule and arrival information, and streetscape improvements and amenities for safer boarding.

Sound good, yes? Yes. It would be nice if Muni didn't make as much sense as sticking your reproductive parts into a Starbucks cup filled with scorpions and glass shards. Good stuff. But... if may add one more point, a crucial point, we think this fifth idea could win Herrera, or any candidate, the mayor's throne come November.

5. Downtown to Outer Richmond Line. Behold a Muni line that makes as much sense as breathing, loving, and properly salting tomatoes. We promise to have an underground or aboveground Muni line, but ideally an underground train, built in record time with little fuss or muss. Anyone who suggests otherwise will be crushed.

Feel free to go Rainman in the comments on points 1 - 5 in the comments, fellow Muni riders.