Kids these days! Who even knows what they're in to anymore? Lackluster attempts at stealing computers, apparently. Two separate incidents were reported today in which grabby teenagers with little to no respect for other people's personal property were thwarted as they attempted to steal computer hardware.

First, the Examiner reports a 19-year-old man (boy, really) tussled with a 35-year-old woman over her laptop at 4th and Townsend around 7 p.m. last night. The thug managed to wrest the notebook computer from her grasp and took off running before being arrested a few blocks away.

Later, around 5 a.m. this morning, an even bolder thief tried to steal three Apple computers and a Dell laptop from a man's home on Bryant Street near 2nd. The thief, apparently in his late teens, was loading the equipment in to his Honda Civic (a popular teen vehicle) when the 52-year-old victim came outside to confront him. The thief ended up handing over the goods before taking off in the Honda, but SFPD has yet to track him down.