Anonymous, the hacker group that took credit for organizing Monday's BART protest and hacking in to over the weekend, has announced a second data breach via the OpBART twitter feed today. The stolen information, which was published online contains leaked email addresses, passwords and personal data for 102 BART Police officers. The data appears to be taken from the official website for the BART Police Officers Association, the Appeal reports.

In the hack, the majority of the released user information was not related to BART or BART officials, although the information did include contact info for interim GM Sherwood Wakeman and spokesman Linton Johnson, who made the call to cut off cell service to BART stations to prevent protests last Thursday. Today's attack, on the other hand appears to be going directly after the BART Police Department.

Leaked personal data, emails and passwords for 102 #BART police officers: #OpBARTWed Aug 17 17:52:12 via TweetDeck

In another recent online attack from the Anonymous group, (which is not related to BART) was hacked to display the Anonymous logo and fake news stories peppered with racial slurs.

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