All that is good and true seems to have just (just?) slipped through our fingers, folks. You see, the SF Giants continue their plummet into the abyss, possibly falling far away from the safety net known as the playoffs. They blew it in the ninth inning against the Braves on Tuesday, losing 2-1. Worst of all? Loads of injures abound. Bruce Jenkins reports:

Picture manager Bruce Bochy before the game. He didn't just have a man down, or two, but five players making news with injuries. Relief pitcher Sergio Romo and recently acquired outfielder Carlos Beltran were placed on the disabled list. Nate Schierholtz (foot), Jeff Keppinger (wrist) and Aaron Rowand (ribs) were too sore to start, although Rowand entered the game as a late-inning pinch-hitter.

Did we mention that Jonathan Sanchez also sprained his ankle in the third inning? That happened, too. Sweet Jesus.

That said, some sort of curse or pox has befallen the team. Can't a coven of Berkeley Wiccans come place a spell on the team? That seems absolutely reasonable. Why aren't the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence doing one of their glitter rituals on AT&T Park? That might work. Or maybe the fact that your SFist editor -- who just last year sat in club level for many games -- has been watching it from home and unable to cheer from AT&T Park has something to do with it? That must be it.

Whatever it is, we hope it goes away. Now. Because not much time remains.