During Thursday night's Tonight Show comedian and macadamia nut purveyor, Roseanne Barr announced her bid for U.S. President in the 2012 election. "I decided since you're the one who got Arnold Schwarzenegger elected as governor of California, I wanted to make my announcement here on your show," she told Jay Leno. "My announcement is that I am running for president of the United States." After some chortling from the studio audience, she went on to add, "I'm totally serious."

Former Vice Presidential candidate turned confused celebrity Sarah Palin, it turns out, was an inspiration for Barr. "I wanted to kind of edge her out," Barr said. She went on to say she wouldn't be running for either as a Republican or Democrat "because they both suck and they're both a bunch of criminals."

Barr, if you recall, is no stranger to politics. A diehard progressive, the former Mrs Conner backed anti-war activist and paranoid politician Cindy Sheehan, who ran against Nancy Pelosi in 2008.

Watch Barr's official announcement below.