In a brief update to the news that Anthony Bourdain would be filming a new show on Zeitgeist's now-lovely patio, the Valencia street beer gardeners write to their email list: "No Reservations will be taping at Zeitgeist on August 12th, between 1:30pm and 3pm." Now that you actually know when to arrive in order to get your beautiful, beer-swigging, chain-smoking face on the TV box, here's the bad news: "Anthony Bourdain will NOT be present for the taping."

While there seems to be some confusion about which show is actually filming on the patio - Is it "No Reservations"? Or, as we (and others) reported, the show's hyper-caffeinated little brother "The Layover"? Anyhow, the point is still the same: Tony won't be in attendance. Perhaps it was the "warm beer, cold women" that scared him off. Move along folks...

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