Santa Clara County / Murder-Suicide: Two men's bodies were found in a home on Wednesday on the 14000 block of Clara Street in unincorporated Santa Clara County, and they've now been identified as 50-year-old Imad “Ed” Daou and his 22-year-old son Andrew. Police now say this was a murder-suicide. Daou was described by an anonymous source as a successful developer who recently had some marital problems, and the son was a basketball star whose athletic career suffered after two bouts with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. [CBS, Mercury-News]
SoMa / Carjacking: A pair of thieves stole an Acura from a 5th Street parking garage Wednesday morning, just after 6 a.m. when the valet attendant came on duty. The suspects arrived in a silver BMW, and both are white males. They put a gun to the attendant's head and demanded keys to the Acura, moving another car that was in the way in order to access their prize. [Examiner]
West Oakland / Fire: A blaze early this morning at a warehouse in West Oakland injured one firefighter. Police say the space was formerly used by an electrical supply company, but that "other kinds of businesses" were operating there now. [Tribune]