The Chronicle's resident sit-lie advocate and Tenderloin poo surveyor, has discovered bicycles today. And behold: "Bikes are the future" ! As it turns out, even those of you who aren't "fanatic bike messenger types" can easily pedal your way to work in San Francisco. In fact there's an entire cultural shift going on, so naturally the city's bikers, drivers and walkers will need Nevius' wisdom to steer us through it.

For Nevius, who rides a bike three days a week apparently, the only way two-wheeled transit will become less marginalized is to drop the "old angry biker model." Which is fair, actually - the raging biker schtick doesn't exactly help the cause. But bicycle-driver relations are complicated, and in his call for everyone to get along and share the road, Nevius doesn't actually seem to like anyone or their preferred mode of transportation.

On the one hand, drivers are terrible:

Admittedly, drivers can be obnoxious - and cabdrivers are the worst... I've been cut off, nearly hit, and honked at while riding in a bike lane. Clueless pedestrians who stroll into bike lanes don't help.

And on the other hand, those cyclists really are prudes:

...make no mistake; the irate bike guy isn't a cliche. He's barreling down the street right now somewhere, convinced that motorists are the enemy and he's the only true shining light of knowledge.

So how does Nevius, who seems to consider himself the true shining light of knowledge, propose we relieve the tension that's making the roads so dangerous? Simple: "bicycling is for grown-ups. It's time everyone acted like it."

So there you go: kindly remove your training wheels everyone, Nevius is on your left.