A new site dedicated to Missionites is poised to bring Missed Connections back. (Aw, remember the time when Craigslist's MC was the place to go online while bored at work? Those were the days.) Created by Benjamin Stein-Lobovits, three-day-old iSpy Mission might soon be where the too shy or too hip go in lieu of approaching a possible paramour in person.

In an interview with Mission Local, Stein-Lobovits explains why his site is better than trolling Craigslist's missed connections.

...Craigslist to me, just looking at all those links - it’s daunting. We have better usability. When people post, a lot of [them] don’t tag the neighborhood properly. We’re nicer to look at.

It hasn’t been seriously tested yet, but I think we’ll have less spam. My roommate built the email system. There are a lot of different levels of security. There’s a captcha. Everything throttles, so that a single user can’t reply or post more than three times a day. So far, the spam has been nonexistent.

Most of the listings on the nascent site are (for now) pulled from Craigslist, so it would look pretty and plump for the initial launch. But we're sure many Missionites loaded on PBR and arousal will certainly use the site over the weekend. Oh, and he might -- might! -- start a Castro version if iSpy Mission proves successful. Check it out, lonely hearts.