Say you're wandering around Hayes Valley, feeling a little lonely and blue, and you just want someone nice to share a plate of spaetzle with at Suppenkuche. Spoondate, a Mountain View-based start-up, would let you do just that with a few points and clicks on your phone. It's one of a new crop of pared-down dating sites geared toward our 140-character-limited lives, in which people post what food they're craving and wherefrom, and you have a chance to connect, just like that, and make a date.

Another site we recently saw in a similar vein, HowAboutWe, jettisons the complicated profiles and back-and-forth messages in favor of quick date proposals, but Spoondate has the added component of centering around food. They're also going to get into the group-event thing, kind of like the extant GrubWithUs.

Raissa Nebie, a 31-year-old former investment banker from Ivory Coast, took part in a tech incubator thing earlier this year with her idea for Spoondate, along with co-founder Van Nguyen. As an investor in the company put it, "Spoondate was immediately memorable. I can’t remember any startup that promised their customers would be well-fed and have a shot at getting to second base in one evening." The tagline for the site: Never Eat Alone Again.

We haven't yet gotten our invitation to join the site, which is still in beta testing mode. But yeah, we could eat.