You've heard of the woman trying to drink at every bar in San Francisco. You've heard of the guy trying to stomach every Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. Now meet the man trying to eat at every single San Francisco restaurant, period. Jason Bennett took on the seemingly insurmountable task over two years ago. Since then, he’s eaten, digested, and pooped out grub from over 2,000 places." Inside Scoop notes: "He uses a spreadsheet to track all the restaurants by cuisine, neighborhood, and so on; he records his conquests on Yelp."

Some of his favorite places so far? HRD Coffee Shop ("Actually, pretty much still thinking about the entire experience. If you linger in my mind this long, you're getting the full five"), Mel's Drive-In ("Loved, loved, loved their eggs and turkey hash"), and Gestalt Haus ("$5 for a vegan sausage, $4 for an excellent german beer, unpretentious bartenders wearing shorts, rock music that doesn't irritate, the chill Mission crowd at it's finest"), just to name a few.

The "DJ-aficionado" and Mission resident "eats out roughly 10-15 times a week."

Good luck, Jason!

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