It's been quite some time since Chronicle food critic of note Michael Bauer yanked the star from a ho-hum restaurant. Updating his initial two-star review of the Presidio-based food joint La Terrasse, Bauer left displeased compared to his 2007 visit. He rips:

It was a time warp as far as the food was concerned, but that’s not to say I don’t appreciate timeless specialties such as French onion soup, beef bourguignon and coq au vin. However, in the case of La Terrasse, some of these classics were prepared with such a heavy, indifferent hand that when I left, I couldn’t think of one dish that would entice me to return.

Ow. And our person favorite:

Don't get me started on the "new" Old Fashioned ($10); it was simply syrupy. I'm not even sure that would have played well in Tulsa.

His final score? One star.

For what it's worth, the restaurant's Yelp reviews aren't so chaud either.

[Chron, via Inside Scoop]