This seems totally inevitable, but the country that brought you many millions of knockoff Louis Vuitton purses and fake Rolex watches now features multiple fake Apple Stores. As the AP reports today, the stores look a lot like real Apple stores, with very Apple-like posters, blond wood display tables, and salespeople in blue logo t-shirts with those same white, necklace nametags.

One tip-off, though, the signs say 'Apple Store' instead of just showing the glowing white Apple logo.

A Chinese blogger who spoke on conditions of anonymity said that the employees also seemed to believe they worked for Apple. An actually authorized reseller in one town, Kunming, that has several faux Apple Stores complained that some of these employees couldn't even operate a computer or iPhone.

Apple wouldn't comment on the fake stores in Kunming, but they only have four official Apple Stores in China: two in Beijing and two in Shanghai.