In a highly scientific study released by GQ, noted Palo Alto community college Stanford came in as the 4th douchiest college in the country. Notable douchbag alums include: Herbert Hoover, Mike Mussina, John Elway, William Rehnquist, and Tiger Woods. (Notable non-Summer's Eve alums include the delectable Sergey Brin and daring Jennifer Siebel-Newsom!) GQ describes the learning institution thusly:

Douchey Affectations: Because you can't be bothered with "fashion," you wear old Gap jeans, Havaianas flip-flops, a T-shirt with the name of an obscure tech company that ends in a y—Blippy or Swipely or Smackly or Webbly—underneath a Stanford sweatshirt. You have 17,000 Facebook friends, some of whom you've met before, and you plan on starting a company and getting filthy rich someday so that later you can "do good." But, you know, first you have to get filthy rich.

The top 3? Yale, Penn State, and leading the list, Cornell.

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